12:01pm September 16, 2014

Normal people  d o n ’ t  act that way.

10:12am September 16, 2014


"Oh for heaven’s——" 




           Not even winter, and I’m getting a cold. Why is this always my luck?” 

"Oh, darling…" Here, have a Victor hug. "I’m sorry to hear that. I hope you’re not feeling too awful." He looks at her arms. "Or, um, turning any unusual colors…there’s a cold around here that does that."


"Can I get you anything? Cup of tea? Soup?"

9:19pm September 15, 2014


So I’ve been working with a job placement agency, and earlier last week they sent me a list of jobs they thought I’d be interested in. One for data entry caught my eye, and I ended up going on an interview last Friday with the people in charge of the project —

And today I got the call that they want me! :D I start Wednesday! :D

This DOES mean that I’m going to be around less, but I hope to use the queue to help fill in some of the gaps — I’m currently thinking I’ll do queues at night for the next day and things like that, and try for a bit more activity on the weekends. We’ll see as I adjust to the schedule.

But yeah, I am very yay about that. :D

10:12am September 15, 2014

The Secret Garden (1993) | credit: magic-spelldust
The Secret Garden (1993) | credit: magic-spelldust
9:36am September 15, 2014

Even hell can get  c o m f y  once you’ve settled in.

8:24pm September 14, 2014
8butterflyboy8 asked: "I bought ice cream!"



Ruby looks behind her, certain he’s talking to someone else. … Hm, that’s strange, he’s not.

"… For me? Ice cream? That’s, uh… that’s nice of you..?”

"And sprinkles that look like skulls. That would be very nice!”

Victor chuckles. “Or maybe a sugar ‘knife’ stick in it…though that would probably work better as the topper to a gruesome-looking sundae.”